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The one key to success

#021 | The One Overlooked Thing That Can Make You Successful

Mar 11, 2023


Do you think you need more qualifications or experience to make more money?

In today’s issue, I’m sharing the ONE thing that affects professional growth and financial stability. This might be the most important article you’ll read this week. 


It's hard to rely only on a 9-5 job 


It’s hard to rely on a 9-5 job for your entire livelihood with layoffs and pay cuts always around the corner.

The accumulation of crisis has shown us again that we are vulnerable and nothing is granted (not even your permanent position).

So now, imagine not having to worry about your job, your income, knowing that no matter what happens, you’ll have cash pouring in every month.

I’m talking about creating multiple streams of income - even when you’re on a 9-5 job.

The equation is quite simple, more income streams equals more security. Right?


The one thing that is overlooked


Your personal brand can help you create multiple streams of income.

Here is how: When you’re seen as a key player in your area of expertise, it raises your value in the eyes of your audience.

As your perceived value increases, you will get called on to speak at events, consult with companies, provide training, and you’ll ultimately have more power in negotiation.

It is quite simple, the more your audience will perceive you as a "visible expert" the more they will be willing to pay a premium to work with you.

Studies show that buyers are willing to pay over 13 times for someone with a high visibility than for an average professional.


Don't you think it is worth the effort? And trust me, if I did it, you can do it too.


My advice to you: stop overlooking the biggest power of building your personal brand which is creating financial stability. 



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With your success in mind...Darine 


See you next week again.

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