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Self Promotion

#010 | 3 ways to promote yourself at work (without bragging)

Nov 05, 2022

How to promote yourself at work - effectively and without bragging

Does it feel more natural to "put your head down and do the work"?

Are you tired of watching the loudest people in your company getting promoted?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you might be self-sabotaging. 

You need to learn to amplify your accomplishments so people know what you are good at and how you achieve your great results. 

I was building a career as a “Qualified Quiet" (a concept developed by author Meredith Fineman). In other words a smart, competent person struggling to talk about herself and thus go underestimated and/or unrecognised.

Your issue is a lack of visibility, not talent.

How are people supposed to know you, appreciate your value and understand your potential if you don’t tell them?

In today’s issue, I’m going to share 3 ways to showcase your accomplishments so you have quiet confidence in your opinions, abilities, and then turn up the volume.


Know Your Accomplishments

Be prepared to leverage your list of accomplishments by memorizing them so you can recall them in a natural way when the moment calls for it. Most people can easily share detailed stories of how they screwed up on a project or with a client, but struggle to recount their successes. 

Here is what to do:

  1. Make a list of accomplishments (all of them - nothing is common or too little).
  2. Write down the title of the accomplishment and its description.
  3. Practice! Go through your list, trying to recall the description for each. 
  4. Put everything together to write down what you would like people to share about you if you were to leave today.


Be Great Or Nothing 

Let me explain. Listing more accomplishments is not necessarily better. Why? Because your overall perceived value decreases when you throw in items of lesser quality. When you come to amplify your achievements, only mention your highest-value activity or result that best reflects what you want to be known for at the moment (AKA your brand), and then stop talking.


Cater To The Culture 

Self-Promotion isn't about talking up how great you are to everybody, all the time, for no reason. You need to be in complete control of the entire situation to maximize its benefits and make it as easy as possible for you to do (and for others to understand).

To further refine your approach, look at the culture of the environment you evolve in. How do people communicate? Who do they communicate with?

Here is an example: 

Who is your audience? Why?

My audience is my direct manager, the senior leadership because I've been passed up for several promotions even though I've excelled in my role for years.


What do you want them to know? Why?

I want them to know that I was responsible for 70% of the work that convinced one of our biggest clients to renew their contract.


Where is the best venue to speak up? Why?

I need to do this during a one-on-one meeting because I feel more comfortable.


When is the best time to speak up? Why? 

I have bi-weekly check-ins where my direct manager always asks me if there's anything else I want to add. I usually don't say anything, but this time I will use the opportunity to promote myself.


See you next week again.

With your success in mind...Darine

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