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#027 | Seeing Is Believing

Apr 29, 2023

 Role models matter, particularly for women. Simply because seeing is believing.


Research shows that role models have an amplified benefit for women due to the gender biases, institutional barriers and negative stereotypes they have long had to cope with across their professional careers.


Truth is History features extraordinary women whose names you’ve likely never heard of (but should have!) and ultimately, it’s hard to be what we cannot see. 


Looking back, I sometimes wonder what different choices I might have made if I had known the stories of female role models (who look like me). As research shows, not being able to see other women who look and act like them succeeding in areas of interest to them – particularly in certain fields such as STEM and politics - discourages girls from pursuing such careers.  


Role models have three core benefits for women:

  • Role models represent and expand what is possible

  •  Role models inspire women to be more ambitious and aim higher

  •  Role models demonstrate the mindsets and behaviors of how to rise


We need to:

  • Spotlight more women succeeding on their terms 
  • Highlight women taking risks and daring to fail
  • Diversify role models to optimize relatability 


So, I decided to discover the stories of these women leaders and share them with you on the STANDOUT From The Crowd podcast. 


STANDOUT From The Crowd is a weekly podcast giving you an inside look into the world of leadership. Each episode showcases the stories of some of the brightest Canadian Women leaders and entrepreneurs of our time who reveal the blueprint behind their success.

If you are looking for some motivation or for ways to amplify your voice, grow your impact and influence then subscribe to the podcast and listen to our past and upcoming episodes. The stories we share will help you walk away with the inspiration and practical steps to become the leader you were meant to be and build your legacy!


See you next week again.


With your success in mind...Darine

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