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low self-esteem

#024 | What is the difference between humility and lack of confidence?

Apr 08, 2023


What is the difference between humility and lack of confidence?


Humility: You don’t see yourself as superior to others. You recognize that you don’t know it all and that you have flaws. And can express your displeasure without putting others down.


Lack of confidence: You see yourself as inferior to others. You’re a people pleaser. And you focus on your weaknesses while you belittle your strengths.


The difference is quite straight forward. However, here is where it becomes tricky:


- Both humility and low self-esteem don’t make you showcase your results

- Both humility and low self-esteem make you not openly crave spotlights


In the first years of my career, I used to be quiet. Working hard, keeping my head down, thinking the more I work the more they will notice me. It's only years later that I realized that I was lacking the confidence to make myself and my work visible. A mindset shift needed to happen.


Then, I started to understand that promoting myself was not about being the loudest in the room. It was about letting others know how I can help them.


The ultimate goal of making yourself visible and building your personal brand is to confidently share who you are (personally and professionally) so people understand how you can help them make a difference.


With your success in mind...Darine

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