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Know, like, trust factor

#023 | Do They Know, Like and Trust You?

Mar 25, 2023

Do They Know, Like and Trust You?


This question is simple but quite meaningful.


Let me know if it sounds familiar:

➡ You’d like to get your work recognized

➡ Maybe you’ve been overlooked for a promotion 

➡ You know you could have a greater impact


However, you don’t promote yourself effectively and you want to brand and position yourself in a way that’s authentic and impactful.


In today’s issue, I’m going to show you how to build your Know, Like, Trust factor.


If you want to be perceived as a leader or grow your impact as a leader  you need to build your KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor.


In other words, you need to build your leadership status, to make yourself strategically visible. The goal here is to increase your perceived value, being seen and heard by the right people and without putting more hours at work.




The KNOW factor is all about visibility.


Visibility is about personal branding. You want people to see you, understand the value you bring to the table and most importantly to be aware of your full potential.


You’re doing great work, you’re probably talented and beyond average but your work alone doesn’t speak for itself. Your results are just one aspect of your professional reputation.


You want to stay on top of people’s mind in a way that fully reflects who you are as a professional and as a person (because leadership is more about your soft skills than your hard skills).


Do They LIKE You?


Ok, so now they know who you are. But do they like you?


Hear me out! The goal is NOT to get everyone to like you. In fact, recent studies have shown that at least 10% of people always hate what you do, say, or stand for. It’s just how the world works.  


That’s one of the reasons I don’t believe in the “Fake it until you make it” in order to be perceived as competent for the job. 


I’ve worked with too many clients who felt miserable because what they were doing and the way they were doing it (based on societal and workplace expectations) was not aligned with who they were. You’ve worked so hard, it’s not to feel miserable once you’ve reached the top.


Be yourself. Stay authentic. 


The goal is to ensure that the right people know who you are, appreciate your value, your professionalism and your leadership.


Do They TRUST You?


People do business/hire/promote people they trust.


It’s a common misconception that trust is the hardest thing to build in an audience. 


In reality, by focusing on getting people to know and like you, by always helping and showing up - trust automatically builds over time. 


It’s called the “Mere Exposure Effect” and basically means that the longer people are exposed to you, the more they’ll start to trust you! 

KEEP IN MIND: The longer people are exposed to you, the more they’ll start to trust you! It means that you’ve to be cohesive and consistent in the way you show up online and behave in person.


Let’s Recap:


Know Factor ➡ Visibility ➡ Personal branding

Like Factor ➡ YOU ➡ Authenticity (+ Networking strategy so the right people know and appreciate you)

Trust Factor ➡ Cohesive and consistent image online and offline


The confidence to consistently and strategically show up as you are can go a long way.


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See you next week again.


With your success in mind...Darine 

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