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Women's Leadership speaker Darine BenAmara has delivered keynotes, workshops, webinars and trainings to more than 100 organizations.



Darine’s Speaking Topics include:

- Know Yourself Better: Identify the value you bring to the table and unleash your full potential.

- Build A STANDOUT Leadership Brand: You already have a personal brand. But is it a leadership brand?

- Don’t Be A Best-Kept Secret: Amplify your accomplishment and position yourself as a leader.

- Influence How They See You: Build your Know-Like and Trust Factor

- Brand Expansion on LinkedIn: Win attention, people - and sales.

- Leadership Development Program: The above topics can be combined into an intensive leadership development program. Additional elements including an intake survey, recommended reading, homework, group coaching, and peer group breakouts. Participants receive Darine’s book, STANDOUT From The Crowd.

Contact Darine directly to discuss a custom proposal for your group.



Interested in a custom talk or presentation? No problem!

After conducting pre-event interviews, Darine tailors her high-impact material to your specific audience, partnering with the event host to ensure that the presentation’s message connects with any broader themes.

Audience members walk away with actionable insights that can be implemented immediately.


Darine is very passionate about the leadership potential and expanding the efficacy and reach of everyone she works with.” - Ambra Y.

I can't express enough times how Darine's thought leadership and knowledge on Personal Branding & Networking has helped me and my business.” - Ilia F.

I had the pleasure to work with Darine. She has played a pivotal role in building my Personal Brand and online presence.” - Ali S.