Gender Based Analysis Plus

A Journey Through African Parliaments: GBA Plus Training in Togo

gender-based analysis plus gender-sensitive parliaments

I recently had the honor of delivering various training sessions on Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) to the dynamic Members of Parliament in Togo. This powerhouse session unraveled the intricacies of GBA+ and showcased how it can be a catalyst for transformative change.


What is GBA+

Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) is a comprehensive analytical tool used to assess how various intersecting factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, and socio-economic status affect individuals differently. The "Plus" acknowledges that GBA+ goes beyond gender to include a wide range of identity factors.


Why GBA+ Matters

Imagine policies and decisions crafted with a profound understanding of diverse and intersectional factors, ensuring that their impact is not just significant but also equitable. GBA+ helps policymakers to:

1. Identify Inequities: By examining how different groups are affected by policies, GBA+ identifies disparities and helps to rectify them.
2. Amplify Voices: It ensures that marginalized and underrepresented voices are heard and considered in decision-making processes.
3. Create Inclusive Policies: Policies designed using GBA+ are more likely to be inclusive and address the needs of all community members.
4. Promote Social Justice: It advances social justice by recognizing and addressing systemic barriers and inequalities.


GBA+ in Action

During our sessions in Togo, we explored how GBA+ can be integrated into the policy-making process:

- Data Collection and Analysis: Collecting and analyzing disaggregated data to understand how policies impact various groups differently.
- Consultation and Engagement: Engaging with diverse stakeholders, including women’s groups, civil society organizations, and marginalized communities to gather a wide range of perspectives.
- Impact Assessments: Conducting gender and intersectional impact assessments to foresee and mitigate unintended consequences of policies.
- Capacity Building: Providing ongoing training and resources to policymakers to enhance their ability to apply GBA+ effectively.


The Power of GBA+

GBA+ isn't just about ticking boxes; it's about a mindset shift. It's about amplifying voices, creating inclusive policies, and fostering a deeper understanding of the diverse needs of our communities. By integrating GBA+ into the policy-making process, we can build a future where every policy better serves and uplifts all members of society.

The beauty of Africa lies in its diversity and the support that men give to women, especially in traditionally patriarchal societies. This support is crucial for driving the change needed to achieve gender equality.

Here's to building a future where every policy better serves and uplifts everyone, regardless of their gender or background. 


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