STANDOUT From The Crowd is a weekly podcast giving you an inside look into the world of leadership. Each episode showcases the stories of some of the brightest Canadian Women leaders and entrepreneurs of our time who reveal the blueprint behind their success.

So, if you are looking for ways to amplify your voice, grow your impact and influence, your host; Darine BenAmara will help you walk away with the inspiration and practical steps to become the leader you were meant to be and build your legacy! 

Recent Episodes

#73 | Darine with Lubna Forzley: Purposeful Goals: Aligning Vision with Action

#72 | Darine with Lori-Ann Beausoleil: The Art Of Being The 'Only' In The Room

#71 | Darine with Yasmin Abu Laban: How To Turn Hard Times Into Growth

#70 | Darine with Ejibola Adetokunbo: From Corporate To Entrepreneurship

#69 | Special Episode: Inspiring Stories Of Business Women

#68 | Darine with Natasha Feghali: Mixed Origins, Where Do You Belong?

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About The Host

Darine BenAmara 
Darine is a global speaker, corporate trainer and consultant who help high-achievers become the leaders they were meant to be. During the past ten years, she has helped tens of thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs build influence and increase their impact by building their skills in personal branding, effective communication and relationship building. 
Darine is the Founder of The Smart Woman and was recognized by the White House as a one of the "100 Global Leaders & Entrepreneurs" for her work helping women get into leadership roles.
She also serves as the founder of the STANDOUT agency, a bilingual (Fr/Eng) boutique agency serving global (and emerging) leaders looking to articulate their value, amplify their digital presence and increase their impact. She has worked with business and political leaders from North America, the Caribbean and Africa.
She is the author of the book STANDOUT From The Crowd and host of the STANDOUT From The Crowd, podcast, dedicated to helping leaders amplify their voice, impact and influence. 


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