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#10 | Darine with John Clayton on How to Become The Best Version of You

Season #2

The power of habits, the power of mindset, the influence of the environment you evolve in. We have the power to take the control of our destiny and unleash our full potential. But do we really know how to do it? How can we become the best version of who we are? Joins with our STANDOUT guest John Clayton, who specialized in Behavioral Development, Behavioral Studies, and Advanced Personal & Professional Development as we are addressing that topic.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • The difference between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind
  • The importance of consistency
  • Why change is so hard 


Learn more about our STANDOUT guest John Clayton: he is the Country Manager for Mexico and LATAM at Arista Technologies Limited, specializing in Cybersecurity. My aim is to help Arista Technologies be the preferred choice for Cybersecurity across Latin America.