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#16 How To Beat Your Fear Of Being Visible with Veronica Safoa Owusu

Season #2

..and get comfortable expressing yourself

So you’ve started to show up online...

You’re excited, a little bit nervous and you can’t wait to start sharing your gift with others.

But then you see all your competitors in your industry going live, sharing videos on their LinkedIn. ‘How do they look so comfortable?’ 

The thought of going live and being totally unedited or sharing pictures of yourself and your ‘flaws’ makes your skin crawl. ‘What if someone judges and ridicules me in the comments?’

These are just your fears keeping you in the known, the safety net.

Join us with our STANDOUT guest Veronica as we talk about how to overcome your fear of being seen and get comfortable expressing yourself.


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Darine BenAmara is a global speaker, consultant and author who provides training programs and speeches to help high-achievers become the leaders they were meant to be. During the past ten years, she has helped tens of thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs build influence and increase their impact by building their skills in personal branding, effective communication and relationship building.