#23 | Darine with Will Sullivan on Kindness is the Next Level of Leadership

Season #2

Ever heard someone referred to as being ‘Too nice’? Despite the widespread benefits, there is a popular belief that kindness is a sign of weakness. However, kindness is in fact essential to leadership success simply because kind leaders act in the best interests of themselves, others, and the organization. Our STANDOUT guest - Will Sullivan - is all about people above profits and is a strong advocate of kindness in leadership. He has spent decades building successful large customer-centric teams, making more than 150 million satisfied guests and $1 Billion in revenue.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • Leadership through kindness
  • How to discover your special gift
  • How to make an impact with kindness
  • Plus much more...


Learn more about our STANDOUT guest  Will Sullivan: as a young human, I made my way into the world of NYC retailing as part of some of the city’s most iconic brands such as B. Altman’s, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Charles Jourdan, and Henri Bendel. Caring for the customer always motivated me yet supporting the teams who served the customer was what drove me.
Eventually, I became a leader in the world of NYC’s Arts & Culture scene at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the largest museum in the US and amongst the biggest in the world. Having spent three decades leading complex frontline teams who welcomed and served well over 150 million guests was not just a career, it was a calling. It was an honor to hire, train, direct and develop thousands of team members and to work side by side with countless colleagues during my tenure. Working directly with the public for so many years taught me about leadership, planning, hospitality, tourism, and most importantly, the human heart. I simply love connecting with people and it comes naturally. I credit much of my success to the teams I was privileged to lead and the guests I was honored to serve.