#25 | Darine with Braden Wallake on The "Crying CEO" : The Paradox Of Vulnerability In Leadership

Season #2

People want to be led by someone “real.” Especially in the turbulent times, we live in. But how much authenticity do we really want from our leaders? In contrast to calls for leaders to be vulnerable, marketing agency CEO Braden Wallake's tearful selfie on LinkedIn went viral and was met with criticism. Since then, he was dubbed the "crying CEO". So the question is, do we really want authenticity from our leaders? Join me and my STANDOUT guest Braden Wallake as we address the paradox of authenticity in leadership.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to be authentic online 
  • The importance of focussing on yourself and 
  • The power of being vulnerable as a leader
  • Plus much more...


Learn more about our STANDOUT guest Braden Wallake: as the CEO and founder of HyperSocial, my goal is to make Business-to-Business marketing and sales campaigns fun AND effective. There’s a way to make connections and closing leads fun and that’s where we come in. Our services at HyperSocial help businesses, big and small, crush their goals and level up to bigger and better ones by providing done-for-you B2B marketing and sales campaigns that have amazing results, sell your services/products to ideal decision makers at targeted companies, position you/your company as the GO-TO expert in your field.