#27 | Darine with Joanne St. Bernard-Honegan: This Simple Shift Will Transform Your Career

Season #2

While a traditional leader looks to accumulate and exercise power, the power of a servant-leader shares puts the needs of others first and helps people develop into leaders themselves. No matter how skilled your employees may be, you still need to help them grow in new ways. We are talking about unlocking people's potential to drive greater value, build trust, and fuel growth. Our STANDOUT guest, Joanne St. Bernard-Honegan, is an award-winning human capital professional, named a Global Top 100 HR Leader in Canada. During our conversation, she is going to share her strategy to help employees unlock their potential and become the leaders they were meant to be.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to increase self-awareness about your strengths 
  • How to focus on employees development 
  • How to find your voice and inspire your team members
  • Plus much more…


Learn more about our STANDOUT guest Joanne St. Bernard-Honegan: with over 15 years of experience in human resources, she has honed her performance consulting and talent development expertise through both HR Generalist and Specialist roles in multi-national organizations in the Consumer Packaged Goods and Financial Services industries. In her current role as an Assistant Vice President, Talent Development & Engagement, Joanne is responsible for developing a value-driven talent development strategy, leading a cultural transformation, and overseeing the communication and engagement efforts within the Claims department. Joanne holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from the University of Toronto.