#28 | Darine with Carl Shawn Watkins on Why is Vulnerability so Important and SO HARD

Season #2

Opening up can be frightening and many people grapple with vulnerability. Perhaps you wish to feel more connected to others. You may also want to be genuine, brave, honest, and accept who you really are. But something prevents you from feeling secure that affects you personally or professionally. It's simple to talk about vulnerability, but difficult to put it into practice and alter our perspective. It's very difficult because it means looking deep inside yourself and admitting unpleasant things or painful truths. Our STANDOUT guest, Carl Shawn Watkins, is a survivor of abuse, addiction, and depression. He uses his public platform to empower and encourage people to turn life’s setbacks into success. During our conversation, he is going to share with us about living and embracing your vulnerability and how a vulnerable leader empowered those who they lead. 


In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of vulnerability
  • How you can start to open up and be vulnerable
  • How vulnerability can help you personally and professionally
  • Plus much more…


Learn more about our STANDOUT guest Carl Shawn Watkins: he is a Diversity Equity & Inclusion expert with an emphasis on Vulnerability in Leadership. His career has included hugely successful leadership roles in both the public and private sectors. In the last 25 years, Carl Shawn has trained over 1000 leaders and served as Executive Coach to over 200 senior execs. What makes Carl Shawn’s experience unique is his thorough knowledge of Diversity + Vulnerability = Inclusion. Diversity & Inclusion is a major part of his research to create effective leadership development programs.