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#30 | Darine with Christen N. James on Why You Don't Feel Successful And What To Do Instead

Season #2

You can never achieve success, you can only feel it. But feelings are hard to tangibly measure, so people tie success to things like money, fame, and influence. I used to have a nagging feeling that I haven’t done enough. And it took me time to understand how and what success feels. And most importantly to ensure that my external goals were aligned with my internal goals. When I come to think of it, many of us go through this and we need to properly address it and fix it. Our STANDOUT guest Christen N. James, helps women to heal and feel their own business success and then quit their 9-to-5 jobs. During our conversation, she is going to share how to get out of the employee mindset, what that is, and how to start presenting as the person you truly are instead of the one that corporate has molded you into.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to have your own definition of success
  • How to build up your identity
  • How to appreciate your own journey
  • Plus much more…


Learn more about our STANDOUT guest Christen N. James: also known as CJ, she is a Side Biz Coach and Host of The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers Podcast. She is a Certified Life Skills Coach and Certified Master Mindset Coach with BA in Psychology and Certification in Solution-Focused Therapy. She created The Shine to FIVE™ Method Coaching system to help women-identified professionals push past mediocrity and challenge the status quo so they can SHINE in their OWN Businesses. With her 3D Exit Strategy™ (Decide, Dedicate, Depart), CJ helps her demotivated clients heal and feel successful in their OWN Businesses so they can break up with their Employee Mindset and confidently walk away from their unfulfilling 9 to 5.