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#32 How To Build An Award-Winning Workplace Culture with Lydia Bowser

Season #2

A reputable workplace cultures aren't created by chance. The design, creation, and fostering of an environment where people feel valued, are productive, and like coming to work are deliberate actions taken by organizations with healthy, winning cultures. Almost often, a company's success can be attributed to its people and the dynamics of the culture that surrounds them. When the workforce and culture are strong, teams are more productive, employees are aligned on purpose, vision, and strategy, and the company is more likely to achieve its goals.

Our STANDOUT guest, Lydia Bowser has demonstrated success in building award-winning workplaces and HR teams, having won a place on the Top 50 Best Workplaces™ in Canada every year since 2018 and making the Best Workplaces™ in Canada list for Women & Mental Health, and most recently winning the Innovative HR Team Award.

In this episode, she is going to share her own experience and insights on how to create a culture of respect and integrity, leading with empathy and compassion and leading by example SO you can build an award-winning workplace culture.