#34 | Darine with Kim Araman on Leading Through Change

Season #2

The global economic system has been restructured as a result of the coronavirus, which has also caused a crisis in global health. Most people now are making decisions for themselves and making a change that can bring fulfillment to their careers which they cannot do before the pandemic. With the search for a way to the new normal, change has been most urgent in the sphere of human resources. Our STANDOUT guest, Kim Araman, is a career coach and interview expert and the founder of Nail Your Interview. In this episode, she is going to share about the shift she has been observing and what the new normal looks like.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How important is your career 
  • What changed how people nowadays look for an employment opportunity
  • Why you are good at what you do
  • Plus much more... 


Learn more about our STANDOUT guest Kim Araman: Kim is a certified Career & Interview coach that helps clients stand out from the crowd & land their dream job without endlessly applying online. Her aim is to support people in finding fulfillment in their careers and has developed a framework that ensures they get desired results within 90 Days.