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#35 How To Transition From Employee To Entrepreneur with Soni Aditi

Season #2

Many of us want to embark on entrepreneurship and jumpstart our way to success. 


After you’ve been employed for a few years, you probably have job security, a regular income, benefits, and a bright future. Even so, you may want more out of life, and starting your own business.


Our STANDOUT guest, Aditi Soni has launched her very own immigrantion consulting company and helps people achieve their dream of living in Canada. She also currently has 15 employees, out of which 90% are female employees. 


To date, she has a portfolio of over 1000 happy clients. During our conversation, she will share how she made her shift from being an employee to becoming a full time entrepreneur along with some powerful tips that could help you make the jump too.


Please help me welcome Aditi Soni, to STANDOUT From The Crowd!