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#39 | Darine with Rollis Fontenot III, Marian Balogun, Veronica Safoa Owusu, and Charlene Brown on 2022 The Year In Review Pt1

Season #2

Let’s begin our look back at what made 2022 such a special year. A year that was filled with opportunities, optimism, breakthroughs, power-packed partnerships, success and also lows, setbacks, and weird moments. 2022 was a year of more change and new challenges and we're going to talk about it with our STANDOUT guests Rollis Fontenot III, Marian Balogun, Veronica Safoa Owusu, and Charlene Brown.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of intentions for a positive impact
  • How to cherish the present and be grateful for it
  • Some tips and advice to make 2023 the best year yet
  • Plus much more…


Learn more about our STANDOUT guests: Rollis Fontenot III is a national speaker, live stream host, author, Forbes Business Council Member, and founder of HR Maximizer Inc, the only subscription-based talent acquisition service of its kind in the US that helps healthcare organizations attract qualified applicants on the hardest-to-fill jobs primarily using a proprietary combination of video creation, technology, and a collaborative team approach. He has appeared in Forbes Magazine, ASHHRA’s Pulse, Locum’s Life, and other publications. His firm has produced dozens of live shows and hundreds of videos with over 3 million views that have led to thousands of qualified applicants including clinical and provider roles. 

Marian Balogun is an Independent Marketing Communication Consultant. She helps clients Power Up their Brands, she is a high performer that excels at helping clients bring their brands to life. Marian has over 10 years of experience in public relations and brand management. She started her career in the Foremost Public Relations company in Nigeria and held agency and corporate roles prior to starting Power Up Your Brand Consulting, (formerly Alpha Brown Communications) in 2019. 

Veronica Safoa Owusu is a former teacher with 85,000,000 hours of teaching experience in course creation, program development schemes, and inspiring her students to become better versions of themselves. She is also a deep dive mindset coach and was voted top 50 most impactful leaders on LinkedIn. In her V-IMPACT Course Creation Academy, she takes you through an empowering step-by-step process to accelerate your online coaching/consulting business to the next level of impact and income by unearthing the profitable you and packaging your GOLD DUST into a premium, transformational online course that sets you apart from the rest and sells to impact.

Charlene Brown is a website architect transforming DIY struggle sites into Digital Marketing Powerhouses for consultants, coaches, & speakers with purpose-driven website strategies. She helps remove the confusion of technology, web development, and web design and she has a passion for assisting her clients with elevating their businesses into high-performing, focused, and visible brands. She helps those who hire her launch strategically designed & profitable websites.