#41 | Darine with Robert Berry, Tracy Borreson, Christen N. James, and Bobby Umar on How To Make 2023 Your BEST Year Yet

Season #2

While you may still be pushing hard to close 2022 successfully, the coming year could be a transformational one for you personally and professionally if you approach it with an openness of introspection. So, in order to make 2023 better than 2022, you would probably have to make some changes. These include changes in your habits, mindset, beliefs, etc. Join us on the next LIVE episode of STANDOUT From The Crowd as we talk about it with our STANDOUT guests Robert, Tracy, Christen, and Bobby.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • Tips and advice to make 2023 the best year yet
  • How you can improve your life and happiness
  • What you are going to do TODAY that will set you up for success in 2023
  • Plus much more...


Learn more about our STANDOUT guests: Robert Berry, also known as That Audit Guy, helps auditors communicate better through questions. He spent the bulk of his career as an auditor where his primary job was to ask questions and evaluate processes. He has helped companies save millions by simply asking critical questions. After a while, he realized that this superpower was suitable for auditing, business professionals, and personal endeavors.

Tracy Borreson is a Personal branding coach, and here is her story. I never had one space where I belonged when I was growing up. I always flitted between a whole bunch of spaces. I wasn’t a cool kid by any stretch of the imagination. But, I was on the sports teams (basketball and volleyball), and the cool kids were on the sports teams, so I fit in ENOUGH to be “safe”. I wasn’t an artist, but I did paint watercolor, and dance. So, I fit in ENOUGH there as well, although I was never a top performer. I primarily identified as a “nerd”; I loved school and I learned all the things that I could; so much so that I took an EXTRA Academic Challenge class “for fun”. That made me fit in with the academics ENOUGH, but I was the only one who traded study time for softball practice. And so, I got good at being who I needed to be in any given space. A Jack-of-All-Trades per se; if each “trade” is a part of my identity.

Christen N. James, also known as CJ, is a Side Biz Coach and Host of The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers Podcast. She is a Certified Life Skills Coach and Certified Master Mindset Coach with BA in Psychology and Certification in Solution-Focused Therapy. She created The Shine to FIVE™ Method Coaching system to help women-identified professionals push past mediocrity and challenge the status quo so they can SHINE in their OWN Businesses. With her 3D Exit Strategy™ (Decide, Dedicate, Depart), CJ helps her demotivated clients heal and feel successful in their OWN Businesses so they can break up with their Employee Mindset and confidently walk away from their unfulfilling 9 to 5.

Bobby Umar, I've been a leadership development consultant, speaker & coach for over 25 years. My expertise is PEOPLE—their motivations, passions & frustrations. His area of expertise includes: showing leaders how to leverage LinkedIn & develop their personal brands, showing companies how to build Thought Leadership with compelling content & powerful stories, and for individuals, how to build meaningful relationships, mindset & confidence in speaking.