#61 | Darine with Ghislaine Orth: How To Prioritize Your Own Well

Season #3

As an entrepreneur, you're constantly juggling multiple responsibilities and wearing many hats. But what happens when you neglect your own well-being? Join us as we explore the transformative power of self-care and how it can help you not only survive, but thrive in both your business and personal life. Our STANDOUT guest - Ghislaine Orth - is a personal development coach who helps women to be kind, loving and compassionate to themselves. 

In this episode, you'll:

  • Discover the power and beauty of resilience through Ghislaine's story 

  • Learn how to find peace as an introvert and hyper-sensitive person
  • Shift your focus from 'doing' to 'being' 
  • Plus much more...


Connect with Ghislaine Orth: 

https://www.frenchsenseoffashion.com/ | https://www.youtube.com/@almamatermutatismutandis 


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