#67 | Darine with Evelyn Akselrod: How To Be A Great Remote Leader

Season #3

Are you a remote leader?

With the rapid rise of remote work, leaders are faced with the unique challenge of guiding and motivating their teams while staying dedicated to diversity and inclusion.

Our STANDOUT guest - Evelyn - is a VP and leadership consultant with a driving purpose to ensure that the future of work is inclusive.

During our conversation, she will uncover the key strategies and skills required to navigate this new frontier of remote leadership so you can effectively lead from a distance.

In this conversation Evelyn and Darine discuss topics, such as:

  • How to leverage your curiosity to climb the ladder

  • How the role of a remote leader differ from that of a traditional leader, and what specific skills are crucial for success in this new paradigm
  • How remote leaders can foster a sense of belonging among their team members, even in the absence of physical proximity 
  • Plus much more...


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