#74 | Darine with Dawn Brown: How To Stop Being A People Pleaser

Season #3

Ever wondered how shedding the desire to please everyone can actually empower your leadership journey? In this episode, we're going to explore the intricacies of people pleasing and why it's crucial to let go of this tendency to fully embrace your authentic self. Our STANDOUT guest Dawn B. is the renowned best-selling author of the book 'It's Time'. She will share her transformational journey and discuss actionable strategies to break free from the constraints of people pleasing, ultimately allowing you to become your authentic self.


In this conversation Darine and Dawn discuss topics, such as:

  • Dawns' story going down the path from being a confident woman to becoming a people-pleaser

  • How to challenge the people-pleaser mindset

  • The questions to ask yourself to find your true self
  • Plus much more...


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