#75 | Darine with Amira Hassan: How To Craft Your Own Success Story

Season #3

From refugees to global influence. From the bustling streets of Dubai to the vibrant landscapes of Canada. Our STANDOUT guest - Amira - is a designer at heart. Her story is one of resilience and passion. Join us as we dive into her remarkable career, the challenges she has faced, and how she's embraced her calling as a designer, exploring her evolution from agency work to entrepreneurial pursuits, the power of cultural diversity in design, and her recent triumphs, including securing international brands' contract.

In this conversation Darine and Amira discuss topics, such as:

  • How she let other people's opinions get her down and how she overcame it 

  • The one major thing that has helped Amira secure global clients
  • Her drive to achieve anything in life
  • Plus much more...


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