#76 | Darine with Lakshimi Baskaran: Becoming a Leader in Tech

Season #3

Did you know that since computing began in the 1940s, women have led major developments in programming and software development. In 1984, 37% of computer-science majors were women and dropped to 18% in 2021. What happened? Why do we have too few women in tech?

Our STANDOUT guest Lakshmi Baskaran, VP of Engineering at Metadata.io, and we are going to explore her journey as a woman leader in the tech world. We will delve into how her dedication to coaching and empowering women has not only shaped her own path to success but has also positively impacted the landscape of technology leadership.

In this conversation Darine and Lakshmi discuss topics, such as:

  • How Lakshmi overcome the challenges she faces as a woman leader in the tech industry and how you can apply the same strategy

  • Advice for young women aspiring to pursue a career in the tech industry and leadership roles
  • How the tech industry could foster an environment that encourages more women to pursue careers in this field
  • Plus much more...


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