#77 | Darine with Maryam Aziz: Redefining Success With Non-Career Paths

Season #3

It used to be that people would map out their careers in a very linear fashion. Work hard as an individual contributor, then become a team leader, then become a manager, then become … But things don’t always turn out as planned. Our STANDOUT guest Maryam Aziz is a remarkable woman who has charted a non-linear path to become the Chief Operating Officer of the Board Diversity Network and an independent consultant specialized in finance, compliance, risk management, and governance.


In this conversation Darine and Maryam discuss topics, such as:

  • The transferrable skills you learn while working in different industries

  • How Maryam stays motivated and resilient in the face of challenges

  • Advice to aspiring leaders who are exploring non-traditional career paths and seeking to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields
  • Plus much more...


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