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#78 | Darine with Dwania Peele: How to be BOLD & Unapologetic

Season #3

Ever wondered how people become confident and unapologetic?

From navigating the complexities of funding and life responsibilities to the significance of networking and mentorship, there is a lot to think and learn about in order to build a successful business and feel good about it.

Our STANDOUT guest - Dwania McLarty-Peele - is the trailblazing founder of Canadian Small Business Women. She will share her remarkable journey and insights into overcoming the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in Canada. Her inspiring victory over cancer and her latest book, "Tomorrow is Another Day," further illustrate her unwavering spirit and provide invaluable wisdom for everyone. Tune in to discover the essence of being bold, unapologetic, and live a transformative life.


In this conversation Darine and Dwania discuss topics, such as:

  • How to develop and nurture your authentic self and boldness

  • Dwania's tremendous resilience, including your triumph over cancer
  • Tips for juggling multiple roles and responsibilities
  • Plus much more...


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