#82 | Darine with Gazzy Amin: Master the Art of High-Impact Selling Without Burning Out

Season #3

Today you’re going to experience a paradigm shift in the way you think about sales.

In this episode, we delve into the world of ethical sales with our STANDOUT guest Gazzy Amin. A seasoned professional who has engaged with over 100,000 individuals during her career in politics before transitioning to entrepreneurship. Rejecting outdated and manipulative sales tactics, Gazzy is on a mission to transform how we view sales—placing authenticity, genuine connections, and ethical practices at the forefront. She has not only achieved recognition as a top sales representative but has also become a thought leader in that space. In 2023, she introduced groundbreaking sales methodologies that are set to redefine the way businesses approach selling.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, leader, or aspiring sales professional, this episode is packed with insights that will revolutionize your mindset.


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(00:00) Preview and Introduction

(02:44) Gazzy shared how she got into politics 

(05:31) The importance of introspection when transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship 

(16:52) This is what entrepreneurship is about

(26:21) Why do so many people - especially entrepreneurs - don't feel comfortable with sales and strategies to break free from sales stress

(31:52) Sending cold email and cold DMs? This part is for you.

(36:27) The "girl math" trend


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