#83 | Darine with Flavia Zhamo: Turning Trauma into Triumph: A Businesswoman's Tale

Season #3

This episode is a must-listen for leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking inspiration.

From surviving war in Albania to building empires in Canada, our STANDOUT guest - Flavia Zhamo - shares how she turned constraints into fuel for innovation, creating a million-dollar vision on a budget with limited resources.


Whether you're an entrepreneur, leader, or aspiring sales professional, this episode is packed with insights that will revolutionize your mindset.


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(00:00) Preview and Introduction

(1:02) From living a beautiful life to fleeing war  

(05:38) Moving to Canada 

(9:29) Building the drive of an entrepreneur

(10:53) Managing and building multi-million dollars companies

(17:22) The strategy behind starting two ventures - BtoC and BtoB - at the same

(20:24) Setting your mind up for success

(23:25) The biggest challenge Flavia has faced as an immigrant 

(25:00) What would you like to be remembered for?

(27:10) A last piece of advice for entrepreneurs


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