#84 | Darine with Brooke Gordon: How Breaking the Rules Can Make You a Success Story

Season #3

Welcome to another episode of The Standout From The Crowd Podcast, where we explore the stories behind the success of exceptional leaders. Today, we have a powerhouse in the leadership development arena — our STANDOUT guest Brooke Gordon. With a career that spans from navigating start-ups to influencing the strategies of large corporations, Brooke brings a wealth of experience. But what truly sets her apart is her holistic approach, emphasizing the crucial intersection of health and leadership.

Join us as we explore her unique approach, which seamlessly blends problem-solving, organizational behavior insights, and communication strategies.



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(00:00) Preview and Introduction

(2:38) Different types of burnout

(10:40) Entrepreneur vs Intrapreneur

(11:55) Becoming more self-aware

(13:40) Physical resilience contributes to mental resilience

(16:30) Building confidence through authentic connections

(20:10) Ways to integrate vulnerability in leadership

(22:45) Brooke's legacy

(23:50) Vulnerability and weakness

(28:05) What does 'healthy' look like to you?


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