#87 | Solo Episode: Think You’re Not Good Enough? Listen To This Now!

Season #3

In this episode, I delve into the truth about self-talk and its immense power to shape our reality.

Ever wondered why your self-talk dictates your success or failure? It's time to explore how the words we whisper to ourselves can either cage us in limitations or free us to explore our boundless potential.

You're invited to challenge conventional thoughts about self-talk. Discover why fighting negative self-talk is not the answer and how shifting focus can radically change your life's trajectory.


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⏱⏱ Video Chapters: ⏱⏱

(00:00) - Intro

(01:17) - Self-Talk & Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

(02:50) - Embracing Your Limitless Potential

(05:41) - Finding Inner Strength & Self-Reliance

(06:23) - The Transformative Power of Beliefs

(07:36) - Manifesting Desires Through Positive Speech


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