#89 | Solo Episode: No More "I'm sorry..." – Say THIS

Season #3

In this episode, I uncover the truth behind the overuse of "I'm sorry" and its impact on your perception of empowerment and competence.Over-apologizing can have negative consequences, particularly in the workplace, as it can lead to a perception of weakness or lack of confidence.

Do you find yourself saying "I'm sorry" a lot? 

  • “Sorry, I'm late”; 
  • “Sorry, I'm busy right now”; 
  • “I'm sorry, I can't help you right now”; 
  • “Sorry, Can I interrupt?"

What are you sorry for? 

Stop Apologizing NOW and reclaim your power! If you've ever found yourself apologizing out of habit rather than necessity, this is the wake-up call you need.


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⏱⏱ Video Chapters: ⏱⏱

(00:00) - Intro

(01:11) - Reasons for Frequent Apologies

(01:45) - Gender Dynamics in Apologizing

(02:53) - Strategies to Reduce Apologies

(04:21) - Outro

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