Gender-Sensitive Parliaments


What is a gender-sensitive parliament?


A gender-sensitive parliament demonstrates a commitment to addressing the needs and concerns of all genders by integrating considerations of gender equality across its structures, operations, methods, and activities. It strives to remove barriers that hinder women's full participation in parliamentary processes, thereby setting a positive example for society as a whole. 

What does The Smart Woman Consulting offer? 


1. Procedures and Processes Assessment:

We conduct thorough assessments of parliamentary structures and processes to identify areas for improvement in gender sensitivity and inclusivity. Through detailed analysis, we provide actionable insights to enhance the effectiveness of parliamentary operations.


2. Gender Equality Training:

Our tailored training sessions equip parliamentarians and staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to champion gender equality within legislative frameworks. We offer technical assistance to implement best practices and navigate challenges in integrating a gender lens into parliamentary work.


3. Gender Equality Oversight:

We work closely with  committees and women's caucuses on conducting oversight of the executive branch's gender equality commitments, evaluating existing policies through a gender-sensitive lens, identifying opportunities to enhance their impact on gender equality and social inclusion.


4. Skills Advancement:

We work closely with committees and women's caucuses on how to debate, improve and pass legislation addressing gender inequalities.



At The Smart Woman Consulting, we are committed to supporting parliaments in their journey towards becoming gender-sensitive and inclusive institutions. 


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