#72 | Darine with Lori-Ann Beausoleil: The Art Of Being The 'Only' In The Room

Season #3

One of the crucial steps to long-term professional success is to be “in the room” where key decisions are made and opportunities for advancement are created. However, being the “only” can leave you feeling as an outsider when you just want to be in. Our STANDOUT guest - Lori-Ann Beausoleil - is a trailblazer, who navigated her way into leadership, often being the only one in the room. Join us as we unravel her experiences and extract invaluable insights into overcoming unique challenges and excelling in leadership roles.


In this conversation Darine and Lori-Ann discuss topics, such as:

  • Strategies to succeed against the odds

  • The importance of, and difference between having a mentor and having a sponsor in the workplace
  • How to turn a perceived disadvantage into a unique advantage for career growth
  • Plus much more...


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