Parliaments & Public Engagement

What exactly do we mean by "public engagement"?


Public engagement can cover a wide range of communication activities: from awareness raising, information, visits programmes, and education initiatives.

It entails involving citizens in government decision-making through various methods, ensuring policies reflect diverse perspectives and promoting democratic participation.

What does The Smart Woman Consulting offer? 


1. Social Media Training: 

Our training programs are designed to assist MPs and staff in harnessing the power of social media to achieve their goals:

  • Increasing Public Exposure: Whether aiming to strengthen democracy by engaging more people or seeking to enhance personal effectiveness, we offer strategies to optimize social media presence.
  • Enhancing Public Image: We help parliaments build trust and awareness while aiding politicians in projecting their desired image, whether it's accessibility, youthfulness, or technological savvy.


2. Campaign Promotion and Implementation:

Our expertise extends to organizing online and offline campaigns focused on youth and gender-related issues. These campaigns aim to raise awareness about parliamentary work and foster greater involvement from youth and women in the political process.


At The Smart Woman we believe that diverse voices are essential for effective governance and inclusive decision-making processes.


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